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Melanie's Mini Place

Custom Miniature Creations

vignette ideas



I make miniature vignettes, book nooks and 1/12th scale upholstered furniture. When making custom pieces, we can get as creative and personal as you would like. From birthdays to weddings to retirements, favorite books or places,  there are plenty of ways to celebrate a person's life or career. The furniture can be customized as well. Call for info on fabrics and styles.




Vignettes & Book Nooks

Vignette and Book Nook Ideas


Small ~ Medium ~ Large

Shadowbox ~ Stand alone  ~ Wall hanging ~ Desk/Table

There are endless possibilities with miniature scenes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

favorite books ~ childhood ~fantasy ~ reading room ~ library

garden ~ patio ~ bathroom ~ bedroom ~ kitchen ~ living room

music room ~ artist studio ~ café ~ bar ~ school ~ birthday

wizard/witch ~ beach ~ camping ~ psychiatrist ~ doctor ~ laboratory

wine cellar ~ dining room ~ sewing room ~ toy room ~ wedding

retirement ~ stairs ~ greenhouse ~ waterfall/stream ~ terrarium



Melanie Belinsky

Tel: 215-317-7360

Facebook: Melanie's Mini Place

Instagram: melaniesmini

Etsy: MelaniesMiniPlace

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